Avid Everywhere- - O noua viziune asupra viitorului industriei Media

Avid Everywhere
It all begins with an idea.
Imagine a world where anyone with a creative idea can conceptualize,produce, monetize, and distribute their work for the enjoyment and pleasure of others, and be rewarded by the global community for the assets they’ve created. Where they can share a common platform that connects the creation and consumption pieces of the value chain fused
together into a single integrated framework that flexibly adjusts for
their needs.
“Avid Everywhere” is our vision for facilitating this process—for connecting creative professionals and media organizations with their
audiences in a more powerful, efficient, collaborative, and profitable way. To make Avid Everywhere a reality, we are developing the most fluid end-to-end, distributed media production environment in the industry, a
comprehensive ecosystem that encompasses every aspect of the new digital media value chain.

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