*Introducing Avid VideoRAID ST & SR*

Avid Technology, Inc. has launched its next-generation of high-performance storage disk arrays called AvidŽ VideoRAIDŽ ST and Avid VideoRAID SR. These solutions combine real-time performance, cost-effective SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) drive technology,and the security of fail-safe data protection in the event of a disk drive failure.

Unlike other RAID solutions that may be unusable during a drive rebuild, Avid VideoRAID solutions help customers keep up with the fast pace of digital content creation by maintaining full performance and data protection, while rebuilding the drives in the background. Customers will also be able to take advantage of real-time playback of up to two streams of uncompressed HD on as few as eight Avid VideoRAID drives. Additionally,Avid is offering all new VideoRAID ST and SR customers a three year warranty on drive mechanisms and enclosures, providing advanced exchange of replacements parts at no additional cost.
*New Features of Avid VideoRAID ST/SR*
Avid’s new VideoRAID ST/SR storage configurations offer a number of new features and benefits to customers, including:
1. Fail-safe protection of content – Real-time parity RAID goes beyond conventional RAID protection by enabling systems to continue to operate at full performance with no data loss. Customers will now be able to complete any work in progress during drive failures, without loss of media and without requiring immediate drive replacement.
2. Full performance during drive rebuild – Avid VideoRAID ST /SR eliminates costs associated with system downtime by enabling customer’s systems to be fully functional during the rebuild process of failed drives. Once the rebuild is complete, Avid VideoRAID resumes full content protection.
3. Configuration flexibility – Customers can configure systems to their specific needs with a choice of drive capacity, 5- or 16-drive array models, and up to two arrays supported per CPU. Supported raw capacities range from 2.5TB to 16TB.
4. Redundant power supplies (VideoRAID SR models) – Via robust, load-sharing power supplies, customers benefit from added protection and reduced stress on their system, while operating without interruption on only one power supply.
5. Removable controllers, drives, and power supplies – Field-replaceable components can be easily removed, making service simple and quick – to maximize uptime.
6. Optimized for use with Avid editing systems and software – Customers will benefit from increased productivity in the field as a result of rigorous testing of Avid VideoRAID ST and SR with Avid editing systems and software.

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