Chainsaw- the right tool (studio) for heavy editing

We've all faced in the last years the reborn of the Romanian movie. It was not all about the industry, but more about individuals, directors, that managed to raise the standards thanks to their talent.
It was written all over about those representing the new wave, but few mentioned the film editors that sustained the new wave: Sorin Baican, Catalin Cristutiu, Mihai Codleanu, Eugen Kelemen, Roxana Szel, Florin Tabacaru.
They all have one thinh in common: they all use tools and infructructure offered by Chainsaw Studio.
Lauched in 2005, with an impressive investment, Chainsaw Europe has evolved constantly, now being one of the most importand post studio in Romania. Based on a Avid platform installed and maintained by Marcotec, Chainsaw has 2 Avid Unity with a total of 36 TB of network storage, 3 audio bays, 5 Avid Editing bays that includes Symphny and DS, all connected by a 4GB optic fiber infrastructure.
The talent of Chainsaw and freelancer artists and the reliable Avid infrastructure made Chainsaw a strong supporter of the Romanian movie success.
Here are few of the titles completed by Chainsaw

Films 2007 - 2008
The Rest is Silence directed by Nae Caranfil (long form, cinema) -(Gopo Award for Best Sound, Best Editor 2009)
Tache directed by Igor Cobileanski (long form, tv movie)
Gruber's Journey directed by Radu Gabrea (long form, cinema)- (UCIN Award for best Soundtrack)
The Golden Age directed by Cristaian Mungiu (long form, cinema)
Tiger Boy Directed by Radu Potcoava (short movie, tv)
Virtual (TV series)
Weddings, music and videotapes directed by Tudor Giurgiu (documentary, tv)
The Last Chance directed by Ion Ionescu (long form, tv)
Smiley Face directed by Tica Popescu (long form, cinema)-(2nd
Audience Award at Trieste Film Festival 2009)
The Green Moon directed by Alexa Visarion (long form, cinema)
Romania, Romania directed by Radu Gabrea (documentary, cinema)

Films 2009 - 2010
Caravana Cinematografica directed by Titus Muntean (long form, cinema)
L'enfance d'Icar directed by Alex Iordachescu (long form, cinema)
Contratimp 1 directed by Jesus del Cerro (long form, tv movie)
Contratimp 2 directed by Jesus del Cerro (long form, tv movie)
Metrobranding directed by Ana Vlad (documentary, cinema & tv)
Bang! You're dead! directed by Dan Chisu (long form, tv movie)
Ho, ho, ho directed bu Jesus del Cero (long form, tv movie)
Colivia directed by Adrian Sitaru (short movie, cinema) - (Berlinale Shorts – DAAD Scholarship Award)
Pechinezul directed by Adrian Sitaru (short movie, cinema)
If I want to whistle, I whistle directed by Florin Serban (long form,cinema) - (Silver Bear – Grand Prix of the Jury and Alfred Bauer Prize at Berlin Film Festival)

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